You may be wondering whether companies that hire felons are safe to work for. In fact, most companies are tolerant of felons with their hiring policies. While you should always be honest about your past, you should know that employers will not hire felons unless they have a proven track record. In addition to being a safe place to work, companies that hire felons often offer good benefits. Listed below are a few examples of companies that hire felons. Feel free to visit their website at Companies that hire felons for more details.

Facebook - This social media company provides transportation to its offices and provides on-site laundry facilities. Although the application process for this job is notoriously difficult, Facebook still considers qualified felons. The Salvation Army - Another company that hires felons is Christian faith-based. While the Salvation Army is notorious for putting their employees on a crowded roster, this organization also has a felon-friendly program.

Microsoft - Although Microsoft is notorious for hiring felons, this company has a longstanding history of employing felons. Their felon-friendly policies include apprenticeships, which give former felons an opportunity to start over after their criminal records. Coca-Cola - Another large soda company that hires felons - offers an opportunity to start anew. While many of these companies are strict about criminal records, they do give felons a second chance.

Walmart - Another big retail chain that hires felons has an open hiring policy and offers a wide variety of positions. A felon can work in any department of a store, including managerial positions. Walmart doesn't offer a special felon employment program, but it has been successful in removing barriers to employment for those with a criminal record. Similarly, Amazon also offers employment opportunities to felons. If you have a criminal history and are willing to accept this risk, a felon can find a job at any of these companies.

Another industry that welcomes felons is the food industry. This industry offers many opportunities for entry-level workers and does not require a high school diploma. The pay is also low, but the experience you gain will be invaluable as you build your career. In addition, most companies that hire felons offer excellent benefits. The food services industry is one of the most popular industries that hire felons. If you're looking for a job that pays a decent wage, consider the food service industry.

Employers with criminal records can be hard to find. While some jobs may be harder to get, others may be impossible to find. Many felons will not seek employment because they are embarrassed or ashamed of their past. This lack of motivation can lead to relapse. Therefore, it's vital for felons to apply for jobs with the best possible chances. You'll be surprised by the diversity of options available. These companies will make it easier to find a job that meets your qualifications.

Comcast Corporation is a technology and media company. It emphasizes its role as an equal opportunity employer and encourages advancement for felons. Another large IT service provider is Dell, which offers a wide range of consumer products. If you're looking for a job with great benefits and a low risk of being fired, consider Dave's Café in Milwaukie, OR. This company offers competitive pay, mentoring, and free bread. Nonetheless, this job can require relocation, so make sure that you're prepared to relocate.


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